Woodturning Courses

woodturning courses with Padraig Carragher

Woodturning Courses

Bluebell Lane Woodturning Courses take place in Padraig Carragher’s studio, nestled in the valley between Slieve Gullion and her Ring of mountains in a recently renovated old mill. Once known as ‘The big house’, a place where the farming industry of bygone days held its finger tightly on the pulse.

Now, in more recent times, ‘The big house’ lends itself to a more creative and artistic trade. It is here you will find Padraig performing the day-to-day tasks of his woodturning production, creating turned pieces from locally sourced trees.

Padraig is not only a maker but also facilitates wood turning courses teaching the craft, allowing others to enjoy the same satisfaction in producing a bowl or platter from the raw material.

Woodworking Vacations

Any woodturning course can be combined with a creative glamping experience on site. Stay onsite and enjoy the full Bluebell Lane Experience: accommodation in one of our glamping pods or self catering cottages, enjoy a communal meal with fellow course participants with talk and music into the night. We will design the ideal package based on the size of your group and the length of your stay.

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Woodworking Vacations Glamping Northern Ireland

Inspiration is drawn from all around me, form, texture and proportion are all integral elements when I begin a piece.

woodturning commissions

Woodturning Commissions

Padraig is often asked to complete commissions, which allows the customer to lend their insight into the outcome.

I always get a sense of achievement when delivering a piece to its new home! No living trees are ever harmed in the making of my work!