Expectations for your stay

We want you as a visitor to the Ring of Gullion, to have an immersive experience so we want to ensure that when you do come it is with realistic expectations and that you are prepared. Please be aware that whilst “glamping” is glamorous camping, it is still camping, which means it is not a hotel you are staying in. You are outside and close to nature. Bluebell Lane is a retreat destination NOT a party destination. We do not cater for Hen or Stag parties.

We are surrounded by a 26 acre woodland with over 20,000 native trees, which means, insects, wildlife, cold periods, and rain at times. This is an outdoorsy escape where you can allow yourself to disconnect yet still enjoy a socially safe space to re-connect with others and enjoy the spectacular scenery. We’re not a fancy resort by a long shot, we’re just connecting people to the simple pleasure of simpler times. There is NO WIFI on site and little mobile phone signal. It’s the way we like it and we hope you will too!

For more check out our terms and conditions.